A satisfying response

Mr. Perfect now knows about the rapes.  I won’t say exactly how it came up, but it did come up organically in conversation (which is what I had been hoping for) and I chose to take the opportunity to tell him.  He reacted very well (this is a big deal to me) and I was satisfied by the conversation.  He showed concern and seemed genuinely upset, but when I changed the subject, he followed and was able to let it go.  I always worry about how people will react and he didn’t let me down.

Besides that, we had a really nice night tonight.  We decided to go to dinner somewhere neither of us had ever been and we were rewarded for our daring by being very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the nice atmosphere.  After dinner we cuddled on his couch and watched part of a movie.  He DID ask me again when he could come to my place and asked again if I was dating one of my roommates.  I decided to come (sort of) clean and just tell him that it is a little awkward to have him over with roommates around all the time.  But I also invited him to come to a party on Saturday night.  This means I have a deadline for getting my room in order….oh shit….



Introducing the new guy

I saw Mr. Perfect on Sunday evening after 8 days of not seeing him.  He was sick over the weekend and I was away, but we decided to hang out and watch a movie and chill on his couch when I got back into town.  He gave me the code to get into his building weeks ago, but I still can’t make it work.  I have NO IDEA what I am doing wrong, and I think he thinks I keep forgetting the code because I keep asking him how to get into the building.  I usually just end up waiting for someone to come along and open the door for me.  Pathetic, I know.  (He says I only have to dial the number and nothing else, but when I do that, it tells me it is invalid…)

Anyway- I went over to his place immediately after arriving in the city.  I offered to bring him soup or medicine, but he said he had everything he needed.  I was a little disappointed not to be able to do my “caring” thing, but a little grateful not to have to make an extra stop.  We don’t kiss “hello” yet, and usually don’t really hug at the beginning either, but this time, he gave me a big hug when I walked in his door.  It was clear we were happy to see each other.  He offered me a glass of wine (he doesn’t drink wine usually, but keeps it around and seems to have an endless supply since he keeps opening new bottles for me) and told me to sit while he finished cooking his dinner.

I flopped down on his couch with my glass of wine and started telling him stories about my weekend while he cooked.  He ate his pasta as we decided what movie to watch and started it.  When he finished eating, he picked up my legs and put them across his lap and gave me a sort of absent-minded foot rub…..for the duration of the movie.  I can get used to that!

At the end of the night, when I was getting ready to leave he asked me if he can come inside my house yet.  (He keeps asking, and I keep telling him not yet.)  Again, I told him no.  It’s not that I don’t want him to see my house, he already knows where I live.  And it isn’t really about my state of unpackedness, though that is my official excuse.  He asked if it was because I am dating one of my roommates….and looked serious.  I laughed and told him no.  I am NOT dating any of my roommates.  But there is something about introducing a new guy (to my roommates he would be the first one, but the idea is the same) to the people I live with….there’s no taking it back once it has happened.  Even though I know that everyone would get along, it’s more about what would happen if things didn’t work out with Mr. Perfect and my roommates were subjected to an endless string of new men….I don’t want to start down that road…When do I decide that someone has lasting potential and is safe to introduce to my roommates?

My roommates are having a party this weekend for one of their friends at our house and told me (in exchange for agreeing to host the party) to invite whoever I want.  I am considering inviting Mr. Perfect to the party for a little while and then leaving with him to do something else.  That way, he can meet my roommates, see the space I live in, but not be subjected to the likely-to-be college-like party for longer than necessary.  But I am nervous to invite him…..

I have plans with Mr. Perfect for tomorrow night and was going to ask about the weekend/invite him then…..I hope I decide soon….