Let the insanity begin!

So last night I decided to make a profile on an online dating site.  Mostly for research purposes, but I figured if I “met” someone worth meeting, I would consider a date.  Remember that I’m trying to date casually and not get into a specific relationship too quickly…

Anyway…I created my profile, added some pictures, and added the line at the bottom that people should message me “If they want to and aren’t insane” knowing full well that I will get insane regardless.  People who are insane don’t think they are…

For the first 18 hours I had my profile “live” everything was normal.  There are even some good prospects that I might get together with when I return to my new city.  Then…almost at the 18 hour mark…insanity hit.

Here is a transcript (with names changed of course) of the instant message stream of insanity:

Crazy person: (33 / M / Straight) ballroom latin styles ? really ? I didn’t know about that hahaha

Me: what?

Crazy person: ballroom in latin style !! i don’t know that one !! lol

Me: no no…i mean i do both styles (my profile says I like latin and ballroom dancing)

Crazy person: ohhhh hahahahahaha do you dance bachata ?? or do you like bachata music ??

Me: i don’t dance that

Crazy person: well bachata is the best latin music ever !!!!!!!!

Me: ok haha (nervous laughter)

Crazy person: is very cool and very sexy to dance !! not as sexy as belly dance, but close !!

(3 second pause) I hope you’re just quiet, because you want to, and not because you fell off the chair !!

(2 second pause) hahahah

(2 minute pause) yeahh !!fell off the chair !! ok

(1 minute later) let me know if you want to learn so bachata,

(1 minute later) and BTW your eyes

Me: ?

Crazy person: are not the most notable of you. your Lips are !!

Me: oh…thanks

Crazy person: I’m just saying !! 😉 have you ever been at havana club ??

Me: no

Crazy person: you should !! Salsa Bachata, Merengue !! no bellydance sorry !! hahaha I can tell ! you’re at work, and looks like a busy day !! lol

Me: im not at work…but i am doing other things


That was the closest I could get to telling the guy to leave me alone…I need to work on my rejection skills….