A lovely date

Last night, BVP and I went on our first legitimate date….and it was really nice.  He picked me up at my door (even though he lives six houses down from me and I could have just walked over and met him) and opened the car door for me each time we got in.  That was a little unexpected.  He is super nice, but I hadn’t pegged him for the gallant car-door-opening type.  It was a nice surprise.  🙂  Then he took me to a Senegalese restaurant, which was excellent.  He had never been there, but had gone out of his way to pick somewhere interesting, with a great atmosphere and excellent food.  He told me later that he had asked a friend he really trusts for the recommendation.  (That means he told friends we were going out…)  Also, I always appreciate adventurous diners.  I had never had Senegalese food, but it was really good and the atmosphere was perfect.

At the end of the evening, I didn’t even offer to help pay and didn’t feel uncomfortable about it!  (Those of you who know me know I ALWAYS offer…)  When we got home he asked if I wanted to go to sleep or if I would hang out with him for a little while longer and said “I really don’t want this to be over.”  Cute ;).  So we went into his house and spent a few more hours talking and laughing.

I’m really not sure what it is about him.  Despite all my reservations, I am not reserved around him in the slightest.  I am incredibly comfortable and I find myself telling him things that I haven’t told anyone in forever or just going off on tangents.  He seems to feel the same and do the same too.  For all you who might be panicking at this…don’t worry….I am still on my guard.  He asked me to sleep over last night (just to sleep) and I told him no.  For the second time.  He knows that I don’t do sleepovers early on….and respects it, but also feels comfortable asking me to.  I know that he will respect any decision I make regarding my level of comfort with that kind of thing.  And because he was so respectful about it, I ALMOST broke my rule and slept over.  But I didn’t.  I walked the six houses back to my own bed and slept alone.

Today I am off on a mini-vacation and I couldn’t be more excited, but I am actually a little sad about not being here for the weekend.  I love my “family” (roommates) and it is going to feel weird to not spend time with them this weekend.


The car thing


When I last wrote, I had sent Not-Jude Law a text saying that I didn’t think it was right for me and wishing him the best of luck.  I got the response I was expecting, asking whether it was because of “the car thing.”  After I answered, I expected the conversation to be over.  Instead, I kept getting texts from him asking me to just talk to him for a few minutes on the phone.  “Please.  Just a few minutes.”  “???”  “Can we please talk??  Just for a few minutes?”  I told him no, I didn’t think so and he said “OK, but I don’t get why you don’t want to talk to me.”  And then CONTINUED to text and call me for another couple of hours.  It was like I had broken up with him via text message after a two year relationship….that was how he was acting.

He didn’t seem crazy when we went out…but the text brought out the insane in him.  He finally stopped…hopefully for good.

2 in 1

Today I am doing something I swore I would never do…I am going on two dates in the same day.  So here’s what happened….I signed up on an online dating website a few days ago.  There have been tons of responses…I was actually shocked.  Some insane, but actually some nice, decent seeming prospects.  (I’m sure some of them will show their insanity in person.)  So, there are about 6 guys who seem like good options and trying to keep all their names and details straight is proving challenging.  Anyway…of the 6, two were especially reluctant to wait until I return from vacation, they were willing, but told me to let them know if I was going to be back in the new city at all before I am officially back from my vacation.

So….I have a meeting with the family I will probably be working for today and have to drive back to the city for the afternoon/evening.  I decided to let the two guys know….and BAM….dates with both.  One is an afternoon thing, before my meeting.  The other is an evening thing after my meeting.  There’s no chance they will overlap and they aren’t back to back at the same bar or anything, but I am a little stressed out already.  I mean…I have to dress for an afternoon date, an interview, and an evening date.  I’m guessing there will be in-the-car-shirt-changing going on.

I feel a little weird going on dates when I have had good dates with Aaron, who I met through friends, but I am pretty committed to seeing what’s out there before I make any sort of “exclusivity” commitment….even if it is only in my head.  I’m pretty sure that Aaron would not be thrilled to know I am dating other people, and I don’t really know if that’s a conversation I should have with him or if not, because it has never come up and I have never indicated otherwise.

I’m such a newbie to this dating thing!!!

I will DEFINITELY be back with details, good or bad.  Or insane.

*Before I start hearing about internet dating safety rules: let me assure you readers that I am always EXTREMELY careful.  I am meeting them both in public places, where I will have access to my own car.  I will not have more than one drink and I will be in possession of it at all times.  I will have extra money in a hidden place in case of emergency.  And I will have my phone charged.