Do it the old fashioned way, please

One of the perks of the online dating thing is that it provides endless entertainment. Though I am not currently looking to meet someone, I decided to leave my online profile active until I have some sort of commitment. Every few days I go in to clear the messages so that my phone stops telling me I have unread messages. The other day, while clearing my messages, I came across a message from a couple propositioning me for…..something. I imagine they were looking for a threesome partner, but they wanted to take me to dinner first. They began the e-mail by saying they had just moved to the area from Spain and telling me about each of their professions (as though threesome partners will only join successful couples) and about their daughter (ew!). They finished up by telling me that the husband thinks I am pretty and have a nice smile and the wife thinks I seem nice and like a “good person”. Huh.

What ever happened to picking up your third the old fashioned way… buying them drinks all night at the bar and propositioning them then. I wouldn’t have said yes to that kind of proposition either, but it would have creeped me out far less. I have been asked in a bar before and while I find it a little out of my comfort zone, I at least feel flattered for being considered. Being propositioned online just makes me feel creeped out.

Anyway, entertaining as it was, I didn’t respond to their message. A day or so later I was telling a friend about it and went on the site to read her the message. Their profile had been deleted since I received my message. I guess they found what they were looking for. Next time, I hope they do it the old fashioned way and get some unsuspecting girl a drink at the local bar…

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