A “Porsche” excuse

So yesterday I got a text from Mr. (Not-so) Perfect asking what the names of my male roommates were.  I was seriously confused and almost didn’t answer him, but decided he wasn’t planning anything bad, so I wrote him back with their names and asked why he wanted to know.  When he finally responded, he told me he had just run into someone who knew them and gave me the person’s name.  I really didn’t think anything of it and just wanted to be done with texting him so I said “Huh. Small world.”  A few minutes later, I got another text from him saying “Sure is babe.”  Then a few minutes after that, I got ANOTHER one that said “I got the Porscheeeee!!”  Then I realized….

He did NOT run into someone that knew my roommates.  That would have been too random and how would it have even come up in conversation if he didn’t know my roommates’ names until AFTER he talked with the guy.  The guy didn’t know me…  So, clearly, this was just Mr. (Not-so) Perfect’s way of getting in touch with me so he could impress me with his new car.  But he didn’t count on me not giving a shit.

I responded “I saw on Facebook.  Congrats.”  Five minutes later I got ANOTHER text saying “I’m not gonna lie, I really miss your company.”  Oh boy.  I had nothing to say to that, and not wanting to be totally rude, I just asked if he had heard about the job he had been interviewing for.  Then I got a response that was so long it got broken into 4 sections on my phone.  All I could think was “right, you miss my ‘company’….more like you miss having someone to hookup with and talk about yourself to for hours on end.”

Later on in the evening, I got another message from him asking if I miss him.  I didn’t respond.  And then I got a sad face from him.  I didn’t respond.

Seriously, dude?  I feel bad if you miss me (for real), but I don’t miss you and I was really clear with you about the way I felt.  If you truly wanted to get me back, you would have to do a lot better than that.  I know what YOU REALLY WANT!

Later, I asked my roommate if he knew anyone by the name of the supposed guy….he had no clue who I was talking about.  And when I told him my theory of why I really got that message, he laughed, nodded knowingly, and said “He’s hoping the Porsche will change your mind.”  Ha.  Clearly he wasn’t paying attention to me at all when I was talking or he would know that I am not impressed by that sort of thing….and that I think Carrera’s are ugly.


The car thing


When I last wrote, I had sent Not-Jude Law a text saying that I didn’t think it was right for me and wishing him the best of luck.  I got the response I was expecting, asking whether it was because of “the car thing.”  After I answered, I expected the conversation to be over.  Instead, I kept getting texts from him asking me to just talk to him for a few minutes on the phone.  “Please.  Just a few minutes.”  “???”  “Can we please talk??  Just for a few minutes?”  I told him no, I didn’t think so and he said “OK, but I don’t get why you don’t want to talk to me.”  And then CONTINUED to text and call me for another couple of hours.  It was like I had broken up with him via text message after a two year relationship….that was how he was acting.

He didn’t seem crazy when we went out…but the text brought out the insane in him.  He finally stopped…hopefully for good.