Rain checks

Last night was supposed to be my third date with “Aaron.”  I had to cancel because I wasn’t feeling well, but it was almost like we had the date anyway.  He was unbelievably nice about the fact that I was cancelling what was already a cashed in “rain check” date.  Not only was he nice when I told him I needed to go home and lie down instead of going to a movie and dinner with him, he also admitted that he was disappointed not to see me but that it was “Ok because it would make the next time we see each other even more special and exciting.”  Wow.

I honestly didn’t know there were men like this anymore.  Where did he COME from?  Everyone I’ve ever been out with before would have said something like “No worries. Catch you next time.” and left it at that….and then probably never would have asked me out again.  Instead, I woke up this morning to a text asking how I was feeling and wishing me a better day.

It’s nice to be completely sure that the person you are dating is truly interested in you.  It’s kind of a novelty for me, I will admit.  In the past it’s been guessing games and countless hours on the phone with my best friend going over and over what he said and what I said trying to translate a conversation into concrete feelings.  I have BARELY talked about Aaron with anyone….not because I don’t like him, I do….but because I don’t feel like I need help figuring anything he says out.  I can tell he likes me without asking the opinions of everyone I know.  Here are a few of the things I have noticed and appreciate about him:

  • He is very nice, and I like that.
  • He has treated me with loads of respect.
  • He always asks my opinion about what I want to do on a date, but is the major event planner (thank god!)

Now this has all been about Aaron and how I know he feels and how he is behaving.  You might be wondering how I am feeling and how I am behaving.  Well….let’s just say I’m more clear on how he feels than on how I feel, but I do know these things:

  • I am always excited to see him.
  • I smile when I get a text from him, and always respond right away.
  • He makes me feel special and beautiful.

There is definitely potential with Aaron.  Maybe it’s a good thing that I had to cancel.  It gave me time and maybe he’s right….maybe it will make the next time even more special and exciting.