All dressed up….

So I haven’t seen Mr. Perfect since Saturday because he has been at a conference (in town) being a successful business person all week. We had planned to get together tonight after I was done with work. He was going to sneak out of the hotel and spend a few hours with me. I carefully chose my outfit before work so that I could go straight there. I am wearing WAY to much makeup for my job and wore heels. I nanny. Needless to say, I look a little overdone today.

(I’m sure you can all guess where I’m headed….) I just got a text from him telling me that they (all the people at this conference) are going on a dinner cruise tonight and he won’t be able to get away as he will be in the ocean. Damn. I got all gussied up for nothing.

We are both going away this weekend, so the earliest I will see him is Monday. It seems so long considering that since we met we haven’t gone for more than a few days without seeing each other. Maybe it will be good…absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that….but right now I just feel disappointed.

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