Mr. $12.48

During the Dating Olympics I had to make sure I got some US representation in.  So one night, while reading my messages on OKC, a chat message came through.  The guy was not one I would normally go out with, but he made me laugh.  When he called, I liked his voice and so I agreed to meet him for a drink the next night.

I should have seen it coming.  I should have known when he insisted we go out in “his neighborhood” (30 minutes away from me) because he would be too tired, but I shrugged it off.  I should have known when he announced that the place we were going to was in a bowling alley.  I just should have known.

When I arrived at the bowling alley/bar/restaurant, I found him immediately and immediately knew I wasn’t attracted to him in the slightest.  But I sat down anyway (having driven all that way).  We ordered our drinks and I tried to make conversation, but he kept talking over me.  It was pretty clear that he had some difficulty focusing, but I pushed through.  But I could only handle making it through one drink.

When the bartender put the bill down, the guy picked it up and looked at it for a loooonnnng second.  I glanced at it and noticed that the total for two drinks came to $12.48.  Unheard of in Boston.  So I made no moves.  Besides the fact that I REFUSE to pay for a bad first date, I also didn’t think it was worth it for so little to go through the motions of offering.  The scene that followed is still making me laugh.

Him:  (Puts down the check and looks at me.)……

Me: (Looks back at him and then away.)

Him: (Sighs in a put out sort of way) I can get this if you want.

Me: What? All $12.48 of it?  I mean, we can split it if you want…but I only have a card.  (COMPLETE disbelief on my face).

Him: (With relief) Oh ok.

Me: (Stares at him with utter disbelief.  Moves to grab card.)

Him:  (Condescendingly, as though the bill came to $500.) You know what?  I’ll get it.  You went to all the trouble to come up here.  (Takes out card and pays the bill.)


Honestly.  That is exactly how it went down.

If I hadn’t already been sure there wouldn’t be a second date, that verified it for me.  If $12.48 is a problem for you, that’s a problem with me.  The real kicker was that he then walked me out to my car and tried to kiss me!  I got in as fast as I could, told him to be safe walking home, and booked it out of there.

That should have been the end of it- chalk it up to another crazy date- but then I heard from him again.  He texted me after the weekend and was all “I’m so sorry I didn’t text you all weekend, I was super busy.”  As if I was desperately waiting to hear from him….