Designed with me in mind

The Poet and I went out again last night.  🙂  I have totally turned into one of those people I normally hate- all cuddled up at a bar, actually kissing in public.  Gross.  And yet, nice.  It’s not even like I am just tolerating it- I’m actually initiating it some of the time!

On our fourth date, we talked more about how insanely fast this has been happening and he told me he has never been this crazy about a person, even after being with them for a lot longer.  We also talked about meeting each others friends.  My head is spinning, but I very calm at the same time.  It just feels like it is supposed to be.  Sometime during our date, I realized why I couldn’t pinpoint any one person that he reminds me of when my friend asked me- it’s because he is the combination that I have been looking for.  He has parts of all of the men I have dated and cared about in a non-romantic way- it’s like he was designed for me.  The good qualities/attributes only so far, although I am not naive enough to think he is completely perfect.  Here’s a list of the things I have realized so far:

  • He is gentle and kind like Adam and my father.
  • He is chivalrous like my best friend’s husband.
  • He is funny like so many of them have been, but WAY funnier.
  • He is incredibly smart like TBDP.
  • He is ambitious and driven like Mr. Not-So Perfect.
  • He is a talented musician like Rat Bastard (although I REALLY hate giving Rat Bastard credit for anything).
  • He is confident and humble like my dad.
  • He is playful like Thomas.
  • He looks at me like he wants to eat me up (in a good way) like Mr. Not-So Perfect.
  • But he is respectful about physical contact like TBDP.

That’s not all of them- but it is a start.  He even has a few of the little things I liked about other people, but don’t bear mentioning specifically.  In case it isn’t clear by now, I REALLY like this guy.  I’m falling for him hard and fast and I am so excited to see what the future holds.


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