Disabling OKC

Last night I disabled my OKCupid profile.  I didn’t delete it entirely because I know that would be crazy, but I did make it look as though I did so I won’t receive any messages unless I change my mind.  This afternoon I removed the app from my phone.  I hope I’m not being super insane and hasty- but it was what I wanted to do.

I have another date with The Poet after work tonight. 🙂  Somehow the universe gets all wonky when I am happy and starts trying to throw other people in my path.  I’ve been getting texts from both TBDP and Mr. Not-So Perfect all day.  Mr. Not-So Perfect moved to Connecticut about a month ago and we haven’t seen each other or really talked since he left.  I did ask him if he wanted to be my date to a wedding a few weeks ago, but he wasn’t free and I hadn’t heard anything from him since.  Today, out of the blue, he starts up with the “Damn, I really miss you” and “Come visit me.”  I haven’t responded yet- but I guess when I do it will be to tell him I met someone.  Or maybe not.  He doesn’t even live here anymore.  Do I owe it to him??




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