Bringing Down the Wall- Part 2

In honor of the psychic’s advice about learning love lessons, and the approaching New Year, I am trying to think about the POSITIVE lessons I have learned from my current and past relationships.  I could probably name a million negative lessons, but I want to focus on the things that will propel me forward.  So, while some of them may seem negative, I am only including them in my list if I feel like they have helped me grow and move on in my life.  This is incomplete and will probably take me a while to work through completely, but I wanted to throw a few out there to the universe.

(This is not in relationship order…maybe I will make it orderly later…)

Rat Bastard- You started to give me my voice.  I had NEVER yelled at anyone or stood up to anyone in an argument before you.  While I didn’t do it very often, you were the one who taught me to fight for what I believe in and to fight for love.  As much as I dislike you now, I will be grateful forever to you for giving me the power to yell.

Mr. Not-So Perfect- You taught me that I deserve to be with a man who can handle their own finances and treat me once in awhile (or more).  I think you were also trying to teach me to ask for the things I want in a relationship.  I’m sorry I cut that lesson short.  I will try to learn it with someone else.

BVP- You are teaching me about accepting expressions of love and how to be honest about my feelings even when it feels risky.  I don’t know how long this will go on between us, but I am eternally grateful to you for accepting my bumbling attempts at honesty.


I am going to continue thinking about lessons I have learned, though I am quickly realizing that the psychic was right…I have abruptly ended relationships and in many cases I can’t think of anything positive or forward moving that I learned from even the longest of those relationships….including 3 year or longer ones.  Maybe that is a lesson in itself.


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