There are certain gestures that I really understand.  I think it is because of the relationship I have with my dad ( a wonderful guy).  He has always (especially since I have been an adult) shown his love by doing things for me.  He shows his love in other ways too, but things like taking care of car issues for me, helping me move, and helping me create a budget I can *try to* stick to.

In the last week, BVP has made all kinds of these gestures that are meaningful to me.  First, he knows I don’t have blinds on one of the windows in my bedroom.  It looks directly across the street into another person’s house, and I am pretty sure they have children.  I try to be conscious not to change in front of the window, but the way my room is arranged pretty much guarantees that I am changing in front of the window at least once a day.  Poor kids.  So the other day, out of the blue, he sent me an email with a link to Home Depot’s blinds page, which was having a sale.  All his note said was “So the kids across the street don’t have to learn the facts of life from you.”  It was really sweet.  First of all, that he thought of me and something I need when he was at work.  Secondly, because he took time to find a good deal for me and let me know about it.  It totally reminded me of something my dad would do.

The second thing was even bigger.  I asked him for the name and number of his mechanic because I need a few things fixed in my car.  Most guys would have given me the number, which I would have been grateful for, and maybe offered to go with me.  Instead, BVP asked what was wrong and said he would look into it before giving me the mechanic’s number.  He did a whole bunch of research, asked me tons of clarifying questions, and last night told me that he thinks it is one of two things, and that he can fix both.  He offered to buy the parts and do the work for me.  I told him I would buy the parts, but I am going to let him do the work.  He even found prices on the parts I need and told me where to buy them.  Then he offered to change my oil.  Again…totally reminded me of my dad.

These are the gestures of love I can understand.  I am not saying that BVP “loves” me, but I think this is the way he shows someone he cares.  And I am pretty sure he cares about me.

Recently, I was talking to my mom who said she thinks I need to be with someone like my dad.  My dad piped up in the background to agree.  I’m not sure about some things with BVP, but at least in this respect, he is just like my dad.


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  1. letuswed
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 19:55:05

    They always say you marry someone like one of your parents 😉


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