“I’m 24.” I figured….

What is it with 24 year old men boys?  Was there something in the water in 1987??  Did their mothers all eat confidence-boosting foods while they were pregnant?

For some reason, EVERY time someone asks me out, hits on me, or even approaches me, it turns out that they are 24.  EVERY TIME.  The only people who come up to me in bars are 24.  The only people who talk to me on the train/T are 24.  The ONLY ONES.  (Ok, I may be exaggerating, but it is a significant portion…)

The conversation always goes something like this:

24 year old guy: Hey.  How’s your day going?

Me: (Slightly confused, looking around to see who they are talking to) Umm, hi.  It’s been pretty good. (Pause) And yours?

24: Better now that I’ve met you.

Me: (In my head: Oh dear god) Uhh..oh.  (Start to walk away, go back to my book, etc.)

24: So what are you reading/doing/drinking?

Me: (Why won’t he stop talking??) Oh, _____.

24: Cool.  So what’s your name?

Me: (Shit, think up a fake name) <Real Name>(Damn)

24: Cool.  I’m Rey/Deandre/Nick/etc.

Me: Oh. Nice to meet you. (Go back to what I was doing)

24: (Follows me) So how old are you?

Me: (Oh boy….another 24 year old. I’m serious, this is how I know they are 24. They ALWAYS ask how old I am!) 27.

24: Oh. Well.  I’m 24.

Me: I figured.

Then it goes on from there with me trying to convince the 24 year old that I am too old for him and that he should find a girl his own age.  It always ends with them convinced that we are going to go on a date and that I will fall in love with them.  Seriously.  They usually say something like: “Well, when we start hanging out, you are going to fall in love with me.  I bet we will get married.”  Do you think I’m exaggerating?  Because I’m not.

So…I need to know….what was going on in 1987?  Are these boys just at a particularly cocky age?  Or are these boys going to be like this forever?

Please stop talking to me 24 year old boys.  Or if that’s too much to ask, at LEAST stop telling me I will fall in love with you.  I’m not going to.


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  1. oneisthenumber
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 23:16:21

    I think it’s something about being that age in general. I get messages from the dating website all the time from guys who are 22 – 24 who want to know if I’m into younger men. When I tell them thanks, but no thanks they always try to talk me into it. Maybe it’s just an excess of hormones.


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